The Umbilical Brothers - Box Set

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The Umbilical Brothers - Box Set
Not Suitable for Children
Join Dane and Shavid in a brain-melting journey to the most terrifying vista the human mind has ever encountered: the world of childrens’ television. Witness the happy fly dance, purchase the most dangerous contraband, reminisce about beloved TV icons and get extremely moist in a children’s show so wrong that it’s completely unsuitable for children. The Umbilical Brothers’ amazing new live show has been torn off the stage and imprisoned on this disc by lasers. Some cool extras were standing too close and got sucked in as well.

The Rehearsal
With only a week to create their new Melbourne Comedy Festival show from scratch, the lads decide to name it The Rehearsal. That way, no-one would have anything to complain about. They got away with it until Edinburgh 2005, where a savvy punter observed "it just seemed like two blokes mucking around in their lounge room after too many beers".

Heaven By Storm
Welcome to the Umbilical Brothers' third spectacular DVD. It takes the boys on the adventure of their lives from the bathroom to the very gates of heaven. This show cemented their international acclaim winning them a coveted Perrier nomination and critics' choice award at the Edinburgh Fringe. London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Stockholm, Auckland, Helsinki, Berlin: those are the names of some places. And the Umbies have performed this storming show in them. Take the journey and secure a seat in comedy heaven.

The Umbilical Brothers would like you to sit back and enjoy their first DVD offering, 'SPEEDMOUSE - Live from the Sydney Opera House'. They have toured the world, released an ARIA nominated single and won their seventh MO Award for Best Comedy Group. The Umbilical Brothers are back in town with their fast forward, jump cut, mind-expanding show 'SpeedMouse' - the outstanding comedy theatre show of 2003.

Don't Explain
Two brothers. One microphone. The only limit: your imagination. Audiences from Stockholm to Tokyo have laughed like idiots at this acclaimed performance. Join the Umbilicals in their brilliant signature show, chock-full of internationally tested comedy. You'll see and hear everything on a stage full of nothing.